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Dive Sites of Saipan

At sparkling white sandy beach of Saipan Island with feeling grateful sea breeze, cobalt blue water allures you into its underwater beauty.

Saipan has amazing dive sites with healthy coral reefs, magnificent under water caves, colorful anemonefish colonies, pretty spotted garden eels, friendly green sea turtles, temperamental spotted eagle rays, sleepy white tip reef sharks, and more.

The visibility is brilliant, typically 20 to 50 meters due to filtration effect by the upswelling of the ocean current from Mariana's Trench where is the deepest part of the world's oceans and the geological features that contains much limestone. The water is warm and ranges from approximately 27 to 29 degrees depending on the time of year.

Most of dive sites around Saipan are accessible with only minutes away from the central, and provide great entertainment for all levels scuba divers. These are some popular dive sites we regularly visit. We choose dive sites daily based on weather condition, currents, safety and suitability to divers in the party.

Discover Saipan's underwater beauty with Let's go Diving!


- The Grotto -

The Grotto is one of the best scuba diving dive sites in Saipan and can be done as a shore diving.

The glowing blue light that comes through the different three holes provides incredible underwater sight.

The site has a long steep steps to enter a lagoon. Entry is giant stride from the large natural rock in the cavern.

In the site there are several styles of exploring, spending an entire dive in the central cavern to look at nudibranchs, flame scallop and more fish life with your flash light, or going out one of the three holes to open ocean there are a lot of beautiful swim-throughs along the great rock walls. Various types of colorful fish to be seen. Green sea turtles, a schools of trevallies, humphead wrasses, barracudas, they sometimes show up unexpected.

Max depth in the central cavern is approximately 22 meters.

This dive site can be a little difficult for beginners. With careful planning it could be dived by novice divers however extra care should be taken.

Not a Scuba diver? We also take snorkelers on this exciting trip. Check out our Grotto Snorkeling Tour.






- Lau Lau -

Lau Lau Beach is a wonderful shore diving site with easy beach entry for both beginners and advanced scuba divers.

Your guide lead you on an underwater tour from one of three different entry points. Once entry, follow the rope that takes you to the main dive area there easygoing trumpetfish will be welcoming beside.

Found at the site are the popular Green sea turtles with a nice range of reef fish including lionfish, butterflyfish and pufferfish along with plenty of gobies and anemonefish. The large schools of trevallies translates to "Atulai" in local language can be one of highlight in the site.

The max depth is approximately 20 meters.

It is very interesting to try night diving in the site. Bioluminescence from tiny planktons is something you have to experience with seeing nocturnal lobsters, crabs and shrimps.

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- Fleming -

Heading for further southwest from Saipan, Fleming is situated on west side of Tinian the island next to Saipan. This site is one of amazing scuba diving sites of Tinian the clarity of the water is almost always more than the sites of Saipan.

It is approximately 50 minutes boat ride from Saipan and is commonly dived as a part of two dives in combination with Tinian Grotto or Dump Cove.

A fantastic drop-off with beautiful swim-throughs, nice clear water and direct sunlight make a journey different world for all levels divers.

The marine life is exquisite, green sea turtles, trevallies, butterflyfish, lionfish, fairy basslet fish, and palette surgeonfish is strikingly beautiful.

The rocky reef stretches over at the other side of the large drop-off which gets deeper than 15 meters where it is good at a slow pace as not to miss any of the small creatures lurking in the many cracks and crevices.

On it’s day it can be one of the best dives for in the area although on occasions it can be hampered by strong currents or big waves.

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- Pipe -

Situated on the southwest of Saipan with taking approximately 15-20 minutes boat ride, Pipe is recognized as being one of the best place in Saipan to see spotted eagle rays.

There are some coral rocky mounds where spotted eagle rays swim by on a nice white sandy floor that is max 18 meters depth.

There are some of the common reef fish around, yellowfin goatfish, sergeant major fish, blue-lined snapper, yellow cardinal fish, soldierfish, and some more.

This scuba diving site is well known for it’s temperamental spotted eagle rays who on a good day there can be as many as 25 and just a few days later they can not be found.

They are definitely a highlight for any level of scuba diver with the spotted eagle rays, but no spotted eagle rays and it is average at best.

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- Spotlight -

Spotlight is an another cavern dive site situated on northeast of Saipan.

Taking its name from the sunlight that shines through a hole on top of the cavern. This site provides excellent photographic opportunities that is you are as if on the stage with shining spotlight.

It is approximately 30-40 minutes boat ride from Saipan and the site can be dived between July to mid September due to the mild sunshine and the rough sea conditions with strong currents and high waves except the period.

The site has lionfish and some lovely schools of yellowfin goatfish. There are also beautiful walls with small creatures outside the cavern, but most of entertainment is definitely the sunlight.

The max depth in the cavern is approximately 18 meters, it is often difficult for beginners and this site is good for skilled divers.






- Dimple -

Dimple is a dive site some 20 minutes boat ride west of Saipan.

The site is a popular home for green sea turtles, pyramid butterflyfish, yellow tang, brown tang, anemonefish, lionfish and a great selection of common reef fish.

There is a large bed that made up of mostly hard corals including branch and pore coral, the length of this dive site is approximately 25 meters wide and 30 meters depths or more.

This site is suitable for all levels of divers although there is a time the current can be quite strong and additional precautions are needed.

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